3. Digital Media

We develop and produce digital content, and integrated digital campaigns, for clients all around the world.  DI Studio approach is strategy-driven and focused on producing meaningful, memorable, and engaging digital experiences for specific target audiences.

There is no one template or playbook for a successful digital campaign, particularly in today’s rapidly-evolving mediascape. Each project requires a unique approach based on that project’s parameters, aspirations, and target audience.


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Each project also requires a unique mix of media to disseminate its message in the most engaging and cost-effective manner. The more likable and sharable your content is, the further your media dollar will go.

DI Studio media department designs comprehensive media plans and executes targeted media buys on behalf of clients. We also have full agency trafficking capabilities for print and broadcast media buys.

Dreamzz Images Studio SEO team has extensive experience in video seeding, viral marketing, and web distribution. We also have quite a few tricks up our sleeve to attract more views once a video is online. After all, what’s the point of creating all this great content if no one sees it?


A. Content development –

Dreamzz Images Studio offers content development services for television networks, digital media channels, and social network platforms in India and all across the world.

DI Studio legendary creative team is stacked with award-winning writers, directors, designers, and composers with extensive track records in the development and production of feature films, television series, documentaries, music videos, TV commercials, branded entertainment, web series, and viral videos.

DI Studio can handle every aspect of content development including research, ideation, script writing, graphic design, art direction, motion design, storyboards, previsualization, casting, and presentation production.

Whether you need 15 videos a week or one video a month, Dreamzz Images can develop, produce, deliver, and optimize your content and track it across dozens of digital media channels and search engines to observe the results in real time and adjust subsequent content accordingly.

DI Studio creates premium video content for some of the most admired brands and people in the world. Our goal is for your content not only to be viewed, but also loved and shared all across the web.

More than any other delivery system, video provides the best and most dynamic opportunity for your content to be fresh and engaging.

Dreamzz Images Studio will partner with you and produce meaningful content that will entertain and inform as well as deliver your message with longer-term impact and retention to the audience you want.

Now more than ever, video has expanded its audience to any digital delivery system—television, online, social media, and mobile. This isn’t a trend; it’s how the world communicates. We don’t want you to miss out—it’s too important.

B. Media planning –

At Dreamzz Images Studio, media planning is both an art and a science.

Dreamzz Images Studio media department relies on comprehensive research, proprietary metrics, strategic assessments, and creative thinking to develop fully-integrated media campaigns that maximize exposure to our client’s message.

Dreamzz Images Studio philosophy is to look behind the numbers, identify trends and opportunities other media departments may miss, and create additional value and impact for our clients.

We do this by approaching each campaign from scratch and focusing on where the target audience will be most accessible and amenable to our message.

We prefer an integrated approach and a mix of media channels from broadcast and print to the diverse digital landscape of social media and other new media platforms.

Dreamzz Images Studio can manage every aspect of a campaign from concept through production to implementation and integration to ensure that your message is clear and unified and your target audience is reached and engaged.

Whether you’re aiming at a niche market or a national audience, we’re ready to work with you to curate the optimal media plan for your goals and aspirations.

Dreamzz Images Studio will evaluate and utilize both traditional advertising (television, radio, print) and more modern approaches of content distribution including online advertising, mobile, blogs, and podcasts.

We will also leverage social media including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Through a mixture of media we will get the best results and will allow us to track and continue to optimize your campaign to get the results you want.

C. Video seeding –

At Dreamzz Images Studio, video seeding is one of the most critical components of viral video production.

After a video has been produced and delivered, it still requires a certain amount of initial viewership in order to go viral.

The goal of Indigo’s video seeding program is to kickstart viewership and help the video reach critical mass with its target audience so that it starts spreading organically across the web.

Not everyone shares content. Even though they like it, some people will not share it, or comment, or press the like button.

It’s not because the video isn’t good enough. It’s because some people simply don’t interact on the web—they read and listen but don’t say anything themselves.

The amount of people needed to push a video viral varies by project. In some cases, several hundred views will be enough if the video is really good. In other cases, several thousand—or even tens of thousands—will be required before the video can start spreading organically.

At Dreamzz Images Studio, we develop custom-designed marketing and distribution plans for each video we produce based on the goals and aspirations of that particular project.

Before seeding the video, the Dreamzz images Studio SEO team will analyse the target market and identify the right viewers that will be most interested in the video and most likely to act on it. Then we identify the right mix of media channels and platforms for distribution.

From there, we perform keyword research and analysis to make sure that the video ranks in search engines—as well as YouTube, Facebook, or other pertinent websites—and people can find it easily.

The final stage is the actual distribution and evaluation/reporting. We distribute the video through variety of channels, which may include:

  • Social media websites—such as Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Search engines—such as Google, Yahoo!, and Bing (both organic rankings and pay-per-click advertising)
  • Video sharing websites (YouTube, Vimeo, among others)
  • The blogosphere—through manual submissions, press releases, email lasts, and more
  • News websites—mainly though press releases and directly through our media and PR network

There are many ways of seeding the video, which include but are not limited to manual submissions, sponsored advertising, banner ads, email blasts, and through a variety of public relations methodologies and networks.

Last but not least, we track the success of each video and report on the reach and market penetration. Based on those reports, we analyze the success of the project and employ follow-up strategies as necessary.

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