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  • Genres: Action, Drama
  • Country: India
  • Language: Marathi English

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Shaurya narrates the stories of real life heroes who lived for others and sacrificed their lives for nation. Its not only about the battlefield but also about the life journey of a hero as a Son, Daughter, Husband, Brother
and most importantly a courageous Warrior.Heroes like; Major Atul Garje who was the youngest flight instructor andlost his life saving thousands of lives in Nashik.

Colonel Santosh Mahadik who sacrificed his life fighting against the terrorist in Kashmir until his last breath. ACP Ashok Kamte, who’s motto of life was to protect the weak & fight against the evil until his last breath and we as a nation lost him in the brutal terror attack of 26/11.

Inspector Vijay Salaskar, who is well-known for freeing Mumbai and rest of Maharashtra from the local goons like Arun Gawali, Nama Patil and many more to his collar, we lost this brave hero in the Mumbai attack.
Last but not the least Sr. Insp. Deepak Dhole, during the 26/11 attack who fought with the terrorist with minimal ammunitions but still managed to get people out safely who were stuck in Taj during the 26/11 attack. Shaurya
is a compilation of their untold victories and unseen moments of their lives.

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